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Control Methods: Poa Annua

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     What has the latest research into Poa Annua control shown? According to Dr. Cale Bigelow, assistant professor of agronomy and turfgrass science at Purdue University, much the same as previous research. “Annual bluegrass is such a genetically diverse plant, so the concept that there is a “one-size fits all” solution is unlikely to completely work.” For bentgrasses, September through October is still the best time for application, while similar results are often more difficult to achieve during the spring months.

     And, in his opinion, what is the biggest mistake in PGR use? Short term use and not thinking “big picture.” “A single or short period of low application rates will likely not be effective,” he says, “be holistic in your thinking, everything from growing environment (shade and excess soil wetness favor annual bluegrass), to fertility source and mowing height.”

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