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Crows Stealing Golf Balls

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     At the Headingley Golf Course in Leeds, UK, a murder of crows has been stealing golf balls off the fairway-- around seven a day, in fact. “As a precaution I never use a brand new ball on the first now. I play the first couple of holes then get a new ball out,” said John Hall, Club Secretary. The crows have evidently confused the golf balls with eggs, as they commonly will take the eggs of other birds. 

     Howley Hall, another golf club in the area, had a similar problem, which they solved by switching to fluorescent balls in lieu of the traditional, crow-confusing white ones. Luckily, though, “the rules of golf state that if a ball in motion is accidentally deflected or stopped by any outside agency, there is no penalty.” The club has decided to take no action against the birds, and see how the situation plays out.