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Doral Miami and its Cutting-Edge Tech

 Clubhouse at Trump National Doral Miami (image via Clubhouse at Trump National Doral Miami (image via

     Trump National Doral Miami boasts an impressive amount of technology; from their irrigation system (which is connected to the internet), to the LED screens on every golf cart (which allow management to communicate with golfers in-game), the course has fully adopted the newest technologies.

     For instance, the previously mentioned irrigation system can be changed in moments; from home, on the road, in another country, as long as you have an internet connection and the proper credentials. "If the weather patterns change, they can remotely log in from home, or wherever they are, and change the settings on the fly," said Scott Mahler, resort director of information technology

     GPS can help management monitor pace of play, and beyond that it can prevent errant golfers from entering restricted areas. "If you try to go to a restricted area, the cart won't go forward and will make up back up," said Mahler. Using a combination of the LED screen and GPS, a golfer can order food on Hole 9, and then be delivered to them when they reach Hole 13.

     For the full article detailing all the tech at National Doral Miami, check out the article from here, or through the link available below.