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Drone Herbicide-Application in Australia

 Camera drone, image via irrawaddy.org Camera drone, image via irrawaddy.org

     With all the different uses of drones, and all the different types of invasive, nuisance plants, it was only a matter of time before the two met. The government of the Australian Capital Territory is now employing Yamaha drones to combat the invasive blackberry. “From a distance of over 200 metres away, we will be able to guide the done over the steep topography,” said Shelly Swain, Ranger in Charge, Murrumbidgee, National Parks and Catchments. “The drone’s hand-held control unit will allow us to ensure a precise application of the herbicide.” Equipped with two 10 liter tanks, the drone cuts the time and expense associated with other methods; which is good news, since blackberries have infested approximately 22,239,484 acres in Australia.