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Golf App Receives Investment

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     A golf app in Thailand that helps golfers secure last-minute golf deals has secured roughly $673,700 USD from the telecoms group Intouch (through their venture capital arm, Invent). 

     Allowing golfers to book tee-times across Thailand for lower rates than walk-in prices, co-founder and CEO Church Aksorntub says the app benefits local golfers as well as the growing number of holiday-golfers from around the world. 

     And the last-minute deals have been a boon for local courses. "This has resulted in increased revenue for not just golf courses but also associated services such as caddies," said co-founder and COO Thera Siricharoen. 

     Ranked seventh in the world for golf tourism, Thailand boasts roughly 600,000 domestic golfers and 750,000 inbound golf tourists coming mainly from Japan, Korea and China.

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