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Illinois Course Examines Options

     With taxes taken into account, Brookhill Golf Course, run by the Rantoul Park District, has had a net gain in their finances for the past two years. The course, however, is still not earning like city officials hope, losing about a million dollars in the last five years, and the Rantoul Park Board is considering their options heading forward. 

     "I don't think the situation is near as dire as people are trying to make it out to be," said Connie Nelson, former Rantoul Park District treasurer, as the board has made cuts in its operating costs in the past few years and is even considering contracting it out to a golf management firm. Other members of the board, such as President Gary Hardin, try to put the importance of the course, and park amenities, into perspective, "The village pays $350,000 for utilities at Grissom Hall. They lose half a million dollars at the airport, and yet those are attractions to our village. That's why I think Brookhill is an attraction." 

     To read more about Rantoul's plans to keep Brookhill open to the public, while supporting their other park facilities, check out the full article from the Rantoul Press through the link below.