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India Golf Expo

     While India has a few locations that vied for the title of the "cradle" of Indian golf in the past decade, Gurgaon, with 10 golf facilities, now holds that title, and the India Golf Expo, to be held April 15 and 16, hopes to expand, and educate, about the growing game of golf in the country. 

     Which is necessary, as the game has elitist connotations in India, which the title of the original article reflects, "Expo to Take Elite Game to Commons." The Expo is described as "ideal for those who would like to discover more about golf, whether he or she is an eager golfer, [or] has ambitions of becoming a coach or course superintendent or course architect." 

     "It will be for people who are seeking technical advice, who want to find out about the best management practices to grow grass, or maybe for the developer who would like to know about the best sustainable practices," said Aakash Ohri, executive director of DLF and president of the Indian Golf Industry Association.

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