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New Dollar Spot-Resistant Cultivar

     After 20 years of research, Michigan State University turf experts have released Flagstick, a creeping bentgrass cultivar which has shown resistance to dollar spot in long-term field trials. "Most of the best discoveries are made through observation," said Joseph Vargas, lead researcher in Flagstick's development, referring to observations made by lab technician Ron Detweiler 20 years ago. Detweiler had noticed large patches of grass devoid of dollar spot despite being beside dollar spot-afflicted turf.

      "The best place to look for disease resistance is in the middle of a big outbreak," said Vargas. "Developing a dollar spot-resistant cultivar has been a major research focus at a number of universities for the past 20 years. The fact that we at MSU were able to come up with it is very fulfilling."

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