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On Course: Phosphorous Reduction at Crooked Stick Golf Club

Project Overview

     SePRO Corporation, in partnership with Crooked Stick Golf Club, Indiana, initiated a phosphorous mitigation program with Phoslock on June 23, 2011. The objective of the project was to reduce phosphorous levels and restore water quality in this pond. Laboratory analysis of water samples collected prior to application documented hyper-eutrophic conditions (>96 ppb total phosphorous) in this pond and provided a baseline for measuring changes in water quality parameters over time. 


     Within 48 hours of the Phoslock application, Free Reactive Phosphorous (FRP) levels dropped below detection (>10 ppb) and remained below detect through August 17, 2011. Total phosphorous levels were measured at 182 ppb prior to application, dropped 58% to 76 ppb within 48 hours following application and two months later remained at levels 70% lower than pre-application conditions. The phosphorous reduction trends following the application of Phoslock in this pond are consistent with the phosphorous reduction and subsequent water quality improvements documented with Phoslock programs in Europe, Asia and Australia.