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Open Letter on Aggressive Cleats

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     To those active on social media sites, or those involved in turf management, the emergence of aggressive plastic cleats is no news, but Pat Jones, writing for Golf Course Industry, wants to make sure everyone knows. And knows what, exactly? Well, that those new, aggressive spikes are quickly gaining a reputation, and quickly being banned at great courses across the globe. 

      Blamed for tearing up greens and leaving poor turf quality in their wake, Jones wrote this letter to say what "your superintendent would tell you if he or she wasn't so nice: Don't wear them." His advice if you've already purchased them, "go back to Dick's Sporting Goods or wherever and get some lower-profile cleats to switch them out. Get rid of them before you show up someplace cool ready to play golf only to find they won't let you on their course with these stupid things on your feet." 

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