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Robert Trent Jones Jr. on Golf

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     While local golf courses are becoming “so yesterday,” global, world-class courses are becoming increasingly popular among the wealthy; a trend which has increasingly taken Robert Trent Jones Jr. abroad. With recent assignments to build new courses in Argentina, Hungary, Italy and North Dakota (“that other foreign country,” as he calls it), Jones said the majority of his jobs in the states consist of remodeling existing courses to make them quicker, more streamlined play-experiences.

     What are his thoughts about the local country clubs of his father’s day? That they were good for their time, but that today’s young golfers want something different, “My son tells me,” Jones said “‘Dad, why would I join a country club? I want to play different experiences.” He also believes some states, like Wisconsin, may become the new “it” locations for wealthy golfers looking for second homes. Check out the full article below to learn more about Mr. Jones, his history, and his predictions for the future of golf.