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Tropical Signalgrass on Florida Courses

     With recent loss of MSMA in Florida, superintendents will have to find new solutions to control tropical signalgrass, solutions which recent research by Dr. Bert McCarty, Clemson University, shows are available, but at a higher cost. “With the loss of MSMA on Florida golf courses, we lost our most economically effective herbicide for selective grassy weed control in bermudagrass turf,” said Todd Lowe, agronomist for the Florida region Green Section of the USGA, in an interview with Golf Course Industry. The rise of the weeds prevalence this summer in Florida was due to a host of reasons; two of which are abundant rainfall, and misidentification of tropical signalgrass with similar-appearing weeds, “some superintendents misidentify it with crabgrass. Both are very similar in appearance but have different seedheads.”