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Young Scholar Researched Gibberellins

     Randy Cuevas, Amgen Scholar Alumni, knew the program was right for him. “I spent the summer working in Dr. Wolf Frommer’s lab in the department of plant biology. My research project focused on the transport mechanisms of a plant growth hormone called Gibberellin, which plays an essential role in plant growth. The manipulation of GA levels in plants has influenced human agriculture and the way we cultivate crops for abundant harvests.” This is also great news for many in the landscape and turf management fields; the manipulation of Gibberellins is at the core of most current-generation plant growth regulators, and more research means a higher likelihood of new developments in the PGR field. But what was the best part, in Randy’s opinion, of the whole program? “Feeling like a scientist. They take the training wheels off after the first week of the program.” Good luck to you in your career, Randy!