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Algae-Based Compound Stops Bleeding

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     When he was 17, Joe Landolina, CEO of Suneris, came up with the formula for an algae-based gel that instantly stops bleeding. Whether for simple cuts on the skin, or biopsies of soft organs like the liver, kidney or spleen, the gel/algae combination Vetigel is designed to stop moderate to severe bleeding without the need for manual pressure. 

     With no preparation necessary, or special training required, Vetigel is stored in sterile, single-use syringes, which are currently available among veterinarians for trial use (not yet available for sale). Its ease-of-use coupled with its ability to be stored in a wide range of temperatures, means Vetigel could potentially be used in real-world situations where medical care may not be immediately, or easily, available. 

     The original article is available through a link below, while the product site itself is available here.