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Aquatic Herbicide Application Tips

The application of aquatic herbicides to a lake or pond needs to be done carefully and correctly following label directions.  It is not a difficult process, but proper application is needed to optimize the control of target weeds.  Find the right product and the right application technique to meet your desired goals and you’ll be pleased with the results.


The time of year that you apply the herbicide can make a big difference when it comes to effectiveness.  When using systemic herbicides such as SonarOne® it is always best to catch problems before they occur, so getting an early start on your aquatic herbicide application will provide effective control in a proactive manner.  Early spring, as your lake or pond is first warming and plants are beginning to grow, is usually an appropriate time for systemic herbicides.

Size and Depth

Accurately determining the size and depth of your lake, pond or treatment area is critical for effective control.  Once the size is determined, a rate and herbicide will be selected based upon the species you wish to control.  A SePRO Technical Specialist is always available to assist with prescriptions to meet your specific needs.

Picking a Product

There are a number of aquatic herbicide options on the market for your use. Each product is fine-tuned to fit a specific need or to work on a specific type of plant.  It’s vital that you understand the exact issue you’re dealing with in your pond so that you can choose the correct treatment option.  The time of year, species, site conditions and water use (irrigation, potable, recreation) will help determine the right product.

In general, SonarOne is an effective product to use for long-term prevention and control of undesirable aquatic vegetation.  It will work for a year or longer depending upon the species to be controlled and site conditions.  For spot treatments, products like Komeen® Crystal or Renovate OTF should be considered based upon your weed species and site conditions.

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