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Expert Panel Discusses Great Lakes Restoration

     "We're increasingly understanding that investing in clean, fresh water is a priority for public health, ecosystem health, the economy and a lot more," said Cameron Davis, senior advisor to the EPA administrator, in an email. "The summit gave everyone an important chance to keep thinking ahead about how the public can keep supporting the Great Lakes so the Great Lakes can keep supporting the public." 

     The expert panel, convened by Northland College, took part in a day-long conversation about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative on Madeline Island, Wisconsin; the conclusions and discussions were summarized and will be delivered to each presidential campaign's transition team.

     "This program has done so much good in terms of restoration and protection and cleaning up places that for years people were despairing over," said Ron Seely, senior lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison. "To make sure that program continued was really the biggest and most important recommendation."

     The full article from is available here or through the link available below.

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