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How Weather Can Complicate Invasives

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     Bruce Jaggers, invasive plant biologist from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, surveyed Lake Roosseau; a storm had recently passed, and now uprooted globs of invasive hydrilla floated along the surface. Hydrilla, as you may know, spreads by fragmentation, and the recent storm had just helped this process along.

     Treating the hydrilla beds along the shoreline, he spoke about the necessity of controlling the invasive (along with water lettuce and water hyacinth, both of which are present in the lake). "Without treating them within a matter of months, they could cover over the whole water body."

     And while some residents disagree with what they call "aggressive treatments," others few them as necessary. Jo Hatton, owner of an RV park at the lake's shore, says that she has noticed the hydrilla's encroachment on the boat docks. "I mean, you know, the growth can be really remarkable. So I think we'd be sort of locked in [without it]."

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