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Hybrid Milfoils Complicate Control Methods

 Image credit: slideshare. Image credit: slideshare.

     A new study conducted by Minnehaha Creek Watershed District officials and researchers from University of Minnesota and Montana State University indicates that hybrid milfoils may be harder to control than the tried-and-true invasive Eurasian watermilfoil.

     And the main reason? The overwhelming amount of genetic diversity among the hybrids. This results in differing tolerance and susceptibility to herbicides for plants often in the same water body. For instance, research found that in the studied areas of Christmas Lake and five Lake Minnentonka bays there are around 10 different genotypes of hybrid milfoil.

     "It's expensive- the genetic diversity," said MCWD Aquatic Invasive Species Program Manager Eric Fieldseth. And it even appears that the milfoils may further develop differences in genotype in response to herbicide applications (the hybrids were more present in waters that had been previously treated, versus water that had never been treated).

     For the great, full article from swnewsmedia.com click here or on the link available below.

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