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Invasive Snails

 Faucet snail ( Bithynia tentaculata).  Faucet snail ( Bithynia tentaculata).

     Elton Creek, Langlade County, Wisconsin, officials have discovered invasive Faucet snails which could pose a risk to native ducks and geese. Able to outcompete native snails, the Faucet snail could become a meal for many waterfowl, which is something that worries DNR Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator Bob Wakeman. "There are a couple of parasites associated with the Faucet snail. These parasites have been known to kill waterfowl. If a duck or goose consumes the Faucet snail, that snail has the parasite in it, the parasite is able to do [sic] in the waterfowl."

     A small, freshwater snail with gills, the Faucet snail is native to a large portion of Europe. Most certainly transported by human activity, Wakeman asks anyone using the water body to carefully inspect their gear for animals, plants, mud, water and debris. 

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