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Lake George Milfoil Removal

 Lake George, Lake George,

     The Lake George Park Commission removed more than 67,000 lbs of Eurasian Watermilfoil from the lake this year. Tommy Thompson, owner of Aquatic Invasive Management LLC and one of the contractors employed by the Commission, said his company had been targeting the densest concentrations of the plant, instead of dealing with the lake as a whole. "That was taking time away from other areas that could really use the milfoil eradication," said Tommy.

     With the most milfoil removed from the Northwest Bay area, other areas weren't as well covered this year (the Village area only had 21 bags removed this year, compared to 536 bags out of the same area last year). "It's tough to negotiate and work around people when we're trying to focus on a specific area," said Thompson.

     Added to dealing with schedules, tourist season and the weather, boats on the lake often drive through patches of the weed; once fragmented, every fragmented bit can go on to found new colonies/patches of the invasive. Making it very hard to control.

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