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Mass. - Sonar Helps Control Hydrilla

 Hydrilla. Public domain, Hydrilla. Public domain,

     "It is important to use Sonar (a brand of the aquatic herbicide, fluridone) if we do not want hydrilla to get out of control," said Town of Barnstable Manager, Mark Ells, referring the planned Sonar applications in Mystic Lake, Middle Pond in Marston Mills and Long Pond in Centerville.

     The applications, which make up $82,000 of the annual budget, are done to keep hydrilla from growing tall enough to get caught up in nautical traffic. And, as Conservation Administrator Darcy Karle said, "it does not cause any issues with aquatic wildlife, mammals including humans, invertebrates and fish." However, due to the presence of endangered species, even lower rates of Sonar will be used (at a rate determined by the National Heritage Endangered Species Program).

     The initial application is set to take place in late June or early July. For the full article from, click here or on the link available below.