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New Aquatic Plant Species Discovered

 Nymphoides Balakrishnanii. Credit: Nymphoides Balakrishnanii. Credit:

     Publishing in the latest issue of "International Journal of Advanced Research," researchers from India have discovered a new species of nymphoides in the seasonal ponds in the Kasaragod district. Nymphoides Balakrishanii, named after a conservation biologist in Kannur, was discovered a few months back by P Biju, assistant profesor in botany at the Government College Kasaragod, alongside Josekutty E and Muhammed Haneef K A.

     Similar to previously known species of nymphoides in its habit, tetramerous flowers and tuberculate seeds, the new species differed in its broad wings and long hairs on the petals. Further research is being done to determine if the species is endemic or endangered.

     In the past few years, eight such new species have been found in the seasonal ponds of the area; however, development of nearby industries and cities threatens their habitat.

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