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Volcanic Eruption Helps Ease Red Tide

 Sorsogon Bay (mysorsogon.files.wordpress.com). Sorsogon Bay (mysorsogon.files.wordpress.com).

     Released by Mayon and Bulusan volcanoes, volcanic ash flowed down to Sorsogon Bay, indirectly curtailing the toxin-producing red tide algae. In fact, the ash- rich in sulphur, silica and iron- encouraged the growth of diatoms, microscopic algae that prevent the growth of dinoflagellates (the culprit of the red tide toxin). At least according to Rondel Dioneda, director of the Bicol University Research and Development Center. "Volcanic materials, once dissolved in sea water, kills the cell with high density of toxicity."

     Over the past few years, the red tide has been a problem for the area. Red Tide was in bloom in Sorsogon Bay from September 2006 to July 2011, which led to 20 deaths and over 300 hospitalizations. "More fishing grounds in the country are contaminated with chemicals [increasing the] toxicity of oceans," said Dioneda. "The serious threat is to human health, decimating aquaculture, and... to tourism too." 

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