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Winter Pond Management

     Keeping an eye on your pond in the winter can make a big difference for your fish year-round. For instance, more rain in the winter can sway a water-body's pH balance. "[Increased rainfall] can change the pond's water chemistry and if the pond is located in acidic soils, a test should be conducted in January to determine agricultural limestone needs," said Billy Higginbotham, a wildlife and fisheries specialist. Higginbotham added that a pH between 6.5-8.5 is desirable in ponds with fish.

     Supplemental feeding may also help fish weather winter. "Switch to offering a little feed in late afternoons after several arm sunny days in a row. The fish will not feed as vigorously as they did back in September, but a little supplemental feed throughout the winter will keep the fish in good condition going into the spring growing season."

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