Introducing the NEW system for improving your water management program - the Prescription Dose Unit (PDU™) System.

The PDUTM system takes multiple factors needed for dosing an aquatic environment and simplifies that into a single unit. The PDU system is incorporated into the bottle. The result is from the bottle to the water dosing is simple, accurate, and repeatable. 

A single PDU is an amount of ProcellaCOR needed to treat either 1-acre foot of water for in-water applications or 1 surface acre for foliar applications. The PDU system stewards an improved treatment prescription, simplifies calculations and dosing, similar to medicinal prescriptions/directions.

Why the PDU System?

  • Prescription Dose Unit (PDU) system improves accuracy.
  • Simplifies the complex math required of other labels.
  • Confidence knowing you have properly managed the troublesome weeds.
  • From the bottle to the water, the PDU saves you time in calculating your product amounts.
  • No product is wasted because of this precision system.

Typical ProcellaCOR rates will be simple 1-5 PDUs. Here is an example of how to apply 4 PDUs to a water body.