Introducing the NEW system for improving your water management program - the Prescription Dose Unit (PDU).

What are PDUs: 

A dose is a measured quantity of a specific nutrient, medicine, or pathogen. This dose is delivered to its target as a unit. 

A PDU is an amount of ProcellaCOR needed to treat either 1 acre foot of water for in-water applications or 1 surface acre for foliar applications. PDUs are a stewardship system to improve treatment prescription calculation and dosing similar to medicinal prescriptions/directions.

Why PDUs:

  • Prescription Dose Unit (PDU) improves accuracy.
  • Simplifies the complex math required of other labels.
  • Confidence knowing you have properly managed the troublesome weeds.
  • From the bottle to the water, PDU save you time in calculating your product amounts.
  • No product is wasted because of this precision system.

How to use PDUs:

The PDU takes multiple factors that impact aquatic weed management into consideration. The PDU is incorporated into the bottle. The result is from bottle to water dosing is simple, accurate, and repeatable. 

Typical ProcellaCOR rates will be simple 1 – 5 PDU. Here is an example of how to apply 4 PDUs to a waterbody.