"The fact that I love most about Topflor is that it doesn’t lock up flower buds, and it doesn’t impact lateral branching"

- Jen DeVere, Casa Verde

On Obtego - “I’d say you just have more root area, and therefore you have a healthier plant. We can see this relationship in the pot with all the colonization.”
- Jared Jent, SunBlest Gardens

Building Roots with Obtego - Jen DeVere, Casa Verde

On Topflor - “Game changer”

- Gregg Meyer, Riverview Flower Farm

On Topflor - "They [poinsettias] stayed right where they were in size and colored up nicely. There was no delay in bract coloring, and it strengthened the stems a little bit."
- Taylor Burk, Fessler Nursery

"We see roots in two weeks now coming down to the side of the plugs. The disease pressure is to a minimum. It’s everything we need"
- Gregg Meyer, Riverview Flower Farm

Simple Steps to Mite Management - Dennis Bunkley, SePRO Corporation

Back to the Fundamentals of Botrytis Management - Benjamin Gomez-Soto, SePRO Corporation

"We almost stopped doing vincas because we’d have it nice and it’d just rot off. We learned about Obtego, started using it and hardly had any loss this year. The year before, I dumped several trays of vinca, but this year I only dumped a handful and that was due to where it was grown. It was a major turnaround for us, and I know Obtego is the reason."
- Butch Norris, Darrell Norris & Son Greenhouses

Pest Solutions for Ornamentals and Vegetables - Jeff Briggs, SePRO Corporation

"The Obtego is just greener and the plants are more vibrant. They’re just healthier overall."
- Michael Roe, Windmill Nursery

On Obtego - “I like it because it’s going to help encourage root growth. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and have watched it do this. It helps keep the plant healthy — healthy root, healthy plant. It’s going to start building a healthy plant from the ground up and that’s the first building block."
- Jen DeVere, Casa Verde

Manage Foliar Diseases - Dr. Ann Chase, Chase Agricultural Consulting

"On Rycar - a “golden tool” for the business"
- Ivan Tchakarov, Metrolina Greenhouses