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How to Enhance Your Current Disease Program for Greater Control

Protecting your turf from diseases and beat resistance.

Many new fungicides share the same FRAC codes. So, what does FRAC mean? The FRAC code is a number / letter combination assigned by the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) to group active ingredients that share the same mode of action (MoA). Repetitive use of fungicides with the same FRAC code are at a higher risk of resistance and cross resistance development.


How can I prevent resistance and protect my turf?

Rotating FRAC groups is key. Not only are you preventing resistance development, but by introducing multiple modes of action, you will improve overall efficacy. Adding just 1 oz / 1,000 ft2 of Zio® Fungicide will enhance your program by adding three new modes of action and will provide greater control when tank-mixed with fungicides in your current agronomic program.


Learn how Zio Fungicide protects your turf


What is hiding in my irrigation water?

Your irrigation water could be spreading turf diseases. Golf course superintendents plan their agronomic programs every year fighting aggressive turf diseases like Pythium and brown patch. Often irrigation water and pond management are overlooked.

Click on the video below to learn more about protecting your turf by actively managing irrigation water.